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1. Every child can be winner.
2. Learning is not inherited it is acquired.
3. The main aim of education is to prepare a child for real life situations.
4. Each subject is related to certain personality traits that are reflected in a child personality therefore subject should be given less importance.
5. A good education system is always based on truth, goodness and beauty.
6. For becoming a successful person both intelligence and emotional maturity are equally important.
7. A good school always provides aesthetic approach to education by giving importance to imagination creativity & institution.


1. To make every child physically fit, mentally developed, emotionally matured, socially active, culturally fascinated, morally sound and spiritually inclined.
2. To make every child good learner, person, citizen and good worker by using activity oriented curriculum.
3. To provide a high level value based education to enhance social moral and spiritual values.
4. To remove the feeling of cynicism so that children could fight against violence, ill will, cleanliness fatalism, corruption, exploitation, drug abuse etc.
5. To provide excellent academic education by using a team of well as adopting innovative modern and psychological teaching mythology.
6. To create compassionate responsible and citizen and to preserve the rich culture heritage of India.

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